So you got engaged. Congratulations and best wishes! Now it's time to plan for the big day. You know the photos taken there will last you a lifetime and remind you of the excitement of starting a new life together. No pressure! It's true, getting married is a big deal and will challenge you on many levels. Why add to that stress by missing workouts or desperately going to the gym hoping you will be ready for the big day? At ATOMIC we will guide you step by step and day by day, taking the guesswork and frustration out of at least one major part of the planning. You don't just need to look your best, you deserve to.


I have been working out at ATOMIC for a couple months now and they have transformed my body to exactly what i wanted for my wedding. Everyone on the team goes out of their way to deal with me and my needs and they are always friendly and smiling!

- Carol E.


So glad I found ATOMIC. I never could have juggled it all leading up to my wedding. I felt so confident as I walked down that isle infron of my friends and family. Not to mention the dance floor! Thanks ATF!!!

- Sarah S.


What to expect

Our Fit Bride and Groom Program will put you on the fast track to ideal body composition. That means fat loss and muscle growth. We will talk diet and other strategies you can employ to get the most out of your training without shocking your system or looking overly tired and burnt out. 

  • We start off with a detailed assessment
  • Come up with a game plan to maximize results for the wedding day
  • Develop true core strength and stability
  • Work on posture and correct muscle imbalances
  • Up the intensity to burn more calories and increase your metabolism