The goals and purpose of the elements Program

  • Activate all physiological systems, get them online and integrated
  • Improve form and functional movement in all planes of motion
  • Address muscle imbalances, weaknesses and make corrections
  • Increase Strength, Cardiovascular Endurance & Flexibility
  • Up your overall conditioning then move on to more intense training 

The trainers at ATOMIC strike the perfect balance between pushing you to improve and do your best
and listening to your concerns and being aware of the limitations of your body. You will love them!

- Swati M.


ATOMIC is a small, intimate gym with a caring staff where anyone will be made to feel welcomed and can quickly make progress towards a healthier self!

- Michael M.


What to expect


In your first session we start by discussing your goals and going over your health history. We want to know what you have been up to so we can give you the safest and most effective workout possible. Then we get down to business. Your first workout with us should leave you sweaty, challenged and not too sore to walk down the stairs. 

Some things to keep in mind before your first session:

  • Life is a marathon not a sprint - we aren't going to kill you on day one.
  • Come prepared to workout. Bring proper athletic apparel.
  • We are a full service facility meaning we have lockers, towels, showers, water etc. all included. 
  • If you have any questions email is the best way to reach us!