What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is trained both in nutrition and counseling, so they are able to focus on your health holistically.  Working with a health coach, you will find the root cause of health issues, and address them with food and lifestyle changes that bring weight loss, healing and greater vitality!

The most common issues ailing busy professionals and parents today are: high stress, little time, and poor lifestyle choices. These factors usually wind up contributing to unwanted weight gain, unwanted medications, and insufficient self-care.

  • Instead of managing symptoms, a Health Coach helps you to discover the cause.

  • Instead of counting calories, a Health Coach helps you discover the best way to eat for YOUR body, so you can saturate your diet with the proper nutrients for absorption and digestion.

  • Instead of only focusing on just one aspect of your health, a Health Coach will help you to discover how your physical, emotional, social and spiritual health all affect one another.


discover what is keeping you from reaching your health & Fitness goals.


Meet Amber


I’m Amber Gentry – founder of Health + Discovery, certified Health Coach and mother to three awesome kids.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve counseled women and men all over the country into happier, healthier, and more holistic lifestyles. In 2016, I created my program as a unique health coaching system designed to tackle the most common issues ailing busy professionals and parents today: high stress, little time, and poor lifestyle choices.

This is where Health + Discovery steps in. My program works because it’s fueled by a better understanding of your bio-individuality, and better support through the personalized attention I give you.

Imagine the transformation that will happen when you discover how amazing your body is and how it’s working for you!


Why work with a Health Coach?

Whether it is chronic stress, inability to lose weight, fatigue and brain fog, food cravings that you succumb to, or lack of ability to spent time and effort on yourself - we all have an area of our life where we don’t feel whole.

We wonder -  what am I missing? How can I make the small changes and big steps I need to in my life so that I feel whole?

Working with a Health Coach, you will discover that how you care for your physical body influences all other areas of your life - your emotions, your relationships, and your ability to accomplish what you desire.  You will find the enjoyment and peace that comes from healthy lifestyle habits, and eating delicious and healthy food!


Experience how life changing Health Coaching can be!

  • This program includes 2 months of Health Coaching: that's 2 sessions per month, 50 minutes each and all the tools you need to conduct a seasonal cleanse.

  • This cleanse is fully personalized and based on your body type, habits, and lifestyle. Additional factors considered: your personality, your blood type, motivational tools, favorite foods, sleep patterns, career. We look at your life as a whole.