ATF Training builds on what you have started in the Foundations program. ATF Training places a higher emphasis on developing strength, mobility, speed and power. If the Foundations Program is learning how to hold a bow and shoot an arrow, ATF Training is shooting for the bullseye. 


Yes. Yes. And Yes.  ATOMIC Total Fitness is everything that the name claims to be and more.  If you want to feel good, get (or stay) fit, and do so while in excellent company, this is the group for you.

- Bianca B.


Adam was very helpful from the beginning, his own experience training pregnant women, (including his wife!), was exactly what I was looking for to jump start my pregnancy workouts! The training sections vary and are focused around strength training, specifically geared toward muscles that need extra attention in preparation for labor and stretching.

- Carolina B.


What to expect

In ATF Training we track every workout and make each session more and more customized to your individual goals. If you want to realize your full physical potential ATF Training can get you there. It's systematic, scalable, continually progressive and safe.