Let’s get together and lift! Take this opportunity to get another training session in while connecting with other members of the ATF community. BONUS: You can bring your friends, family and even kids*!




6:00PM - 8:00PM


How It Works

Adam will be available to supervise and direct your workout. Book online up to 12 hours before (call or email to schedule day of). There are 6 slots available per hour. 

Who Is Invited?

This time is reserved for members only! If you are reading this email consider this your official invitation to this club. If you are in then so are your friends and family. 


What If I Can't Make It Right On Time?

No problem! Only have 30 minutes? Just pop in and get a quick sweat in before heading home. The vibe will be laid back and less structured than a "class" - this is your open gym time to get in a relaxed training session.

How Much Does It Cost?

$20 bucks. We want to reduce the stress around getting to the gym and working with a trainer. The ATF Lifting Club should be your release valve. 

*There will be a safe play area for kids and child care provided as needed.