Masterfully crafted training sessions, in a high end environment designed to develop the body and inspire the mind.


Our program

We train you with the goal of balancing strength development, energy system training, skill development and nutrition.


We thrive 1 on 1

Our dedicated coaches help to create a support system as well as provide direction to achieve both your short and long-term goals.


Physical fitness is essential

We want you to live your best life. Find your path to fitness with us.


Our passion

To alleviate stress and open the door to healthy and fulfilling lives. We create a positive impact in the world, one session at a time.


What people say

If you’re looking for a boutique, personal training gym that will woop your butt into shape but still have a lot of’ve found it here!
— Elizabeth K.
The whole team is a family. They always ask me how I’m doing and start a conversation. Hands down everyone should use ATOMIC. Thank you for getting me ready for my wedding!
— Ashley G.
I have been training with Atomic for a few years and it has been one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made! I have significantly improved my overall strength and fitness and always leave my sessions more energized than when I came in.
— Kris S.
I’ve been training with Adam for the last 6 months, and I have had a wonderful experience. He keeps things fresh each session while also making sure that we are working toward my larger goals. I am feeling better (and moving more weight) than I have since I was in high school (nearly 20 years ago!)!
— Joe F.

Meet the team


Adam Shuty, F


Engineer, Martial Artist, Weightlifter and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Adam's diverse background forms the backbone of the culture, attitude and training at ATOMIC.

Brian Allen

Fueled by extensive jujitsu training, Brian values balancing strength with flexibility. An admitted film buff he will entertain you with iconic references while he pushes you to expand your abilities.


Ché Rodgers

No matter your starting point physically, Che knows there are huge gains to be made. Like a mama pit bull she is both nurturing and formidable. Unless you like burpees, we recommend being on time.

Gary Alston

A Spartan racer, Gary is the strongest pound for pound man you may ever meet. Gary trains straight from the heart and will show you how to accomplish feats you never thought possible.


George Gallagher

A Spartan racer, Gary is the strongest pound for pound man you may ever meet. Gary trains straight from the heart and will show you how to accomplish feats you never thought possible.


Larry Smith

Hailing from Detroit, with 35 years experience as a trainer and extensive professional work in the field of psychology, sessions with Larry are not to be missed. As far as life and fitness training are concerned, Larry has seen it and done it all.


Matt Smedra

Master Trainer graduate from the Focus Personal Training Institute, competitive boxer and lover of the “big three” strength lifts. Whether it’s losing fat, gaining muscle, or both, Matt has the the attitude and acumen to get you to where you want to go!


Mike Murray

US Army Veteran and veteran trainer. Mike carries extensive certifications in a variety of fitness modalities. He uses his extensive knowledge and experience to maximize his clients’ health and well-being.


TJ Florio

For TJ it's not just about looking good but feeling good too! TJ will work muscles you never knew you had with his technical and challenging training techniques. He’s always giving more and continually sharing his latest workouts to social media.