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1 Thought to Change

In the vast landscape of our thoughts, a single spark has the power to ignite significant change in our lives. Yet, with the human mind processing between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts each day, the true challenge lies in directing our focus toward what truly matters. A favorite adage of Tony Robbins, "Where attention goes, energy flows," encapsulates this concept by highlighting the profound influence of our focus on our outcomes. By understanding the dynamics of attention, routine, and conscious choice, we can unearth the potential for transformation within ourselves.

When we talk of monitoring thoughts, meditation immediately comes to mind. Different styles of meditation have different aims and outcomes when applied to controlling thoughts and the mechanizations of the mind. We aren’t talking about meditation here just self analysis and inventory.

So you have a lot of thoughts throughout the day. Some are good, some are not, some have significance others are a waste of time. Some just come and go, some are just part of our routine and others offer up potential outcomes and influence the actions that make up our experience. For example, some smokers quit, others don’t. There are complex factors as to why some

Before any action you have taken in life came the thought of its desired outcome. These sparks, these whispers of ideas, the still quiet voice of "I should" sets the gears of action in motion. Now find one of those type of thoughts. Find an “I should…, I want…, I wish…” or “If only…”. This could be your one thought. Why not? Sure it’s just as easy to let it pass into the ether or it can be a defining moment. It’s your choice. Would you like fries with that?

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