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Which Atomic Level is Right for Me?

At ATF every client is encouraged to aspire to Level III of our training program but regardless of which level you choose, each one is designed to challenge and reward, while at the same time, provide encouragement for those new to personalized physical training. Read about our offerings below to discover which ATF Level is right for you.


ATF Training - prepare to ACHIEVE something marvelous -

ATF Training is the centerpiece of our service. Combining all elements of our Level I & II offerings, ATF Training is ideal for those ready to achieve their ultimate physical fitness goals. ATF Training asks you to master mobility, perform more advanced movements as well as satisfy your desire for competition. We also design your own customized online program to support you outside of the gym as well as give you unlimited access to our InBody Composition Analysis.


Level II - Let’s MOTIVATE -

Level II is designed to build on the inspiration that brought you to our door, motivate you to dig deep, and push yourself beyond your self imposed barriers. Level II is the best option for those not quite ready for true ATF Training. We’ll track your progress in a daily fitness journal, introduce barbell lifts, concentrate on deeper mobility work and top off every session with a relaxing full body stretch.


Level I - Time to INSPIRE -

Whether you’re in search of a comfortable place to take that first step or you’re just looking for a bare-bones intermediate personal training experience, our Level I sessions are here to help you build on your inspiration. Level I focuses on improved performance, corrective movement and techniques to avoid injury. You will feel the integration of full body performance.