Weight for the Wedding


Planning a wedding isn't easy and neither is getting in shape. How can you possibly juggle it all and still come out looking like a rockstar on the big day?

You're hiring a caterer, photographer and florist. Time to take care of yourself and hire a trainer.



Let's make your wedding day the fittest, first day of the rest of your life.




  • Brides, it’s time to look hot! Our programing takes into consideration the style of the dress you have chosen as well as your fitting dates.

  • Grooms, your best man may have your back but we have your abs, butt, arms and legs. Make your wedding day and night the best of your life. 

  • The lifestyle lessons you learn here will not only benefit you and your spouse. Share what your learn with your whole family!

  • Don’t go at it alone - crash dieting and ending up skinny fat. Our proven methods ensure you’ll look and feel your best.


So glad I found ATOMIC. I never could have juggled it all leading up to my wedding. I felt so confident as I walked down that aisle in front of my friends and family. Not to mention the dance floor! Thanks ATF!!!
— Liora T.