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Now offering VO2 max testing!

Enhance your training precision with VO2 max testing. Gain valuable insights into your current training's effectiveness and potential inefficiencies. Moreover, VO2 max serves as a predictive indicator for long-term performance. Click below to discover more. We're here to consult and help you decide if VO2 max testing aligns with your fitness goals.

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The atomic individual is an elemental piece of the larger whole.  We know that when we improve ourselves we improve everything in our lives – health, work/life balance, relationships to name a key few.  


We value Strength, Balance,  Flexibility and Endurance. We use movement as medicine to combat the ravages of stress filled modern life.  Our mindful movement and strength training practice reconnects us with what matters most. 


When we clearly define our goals we predestine our accomplishments.  If you want to get back onto the path of health and fitness, we are here to help.


If you’re done chasing fads and ready for a no nonsense, realistic and zero BS approach to getting in the best shape of your life, then you are ready for ATOMIC.


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ATOMIC Performance Coaching (APC) destroys distractions and facilitates focus allowing you to dominate with deep work. Our science based approach to coaching delivers quantifiable results.


For nearly 20 years, and over 100,000 combined training hours ATOMIC has been a trusted provider of fitness solutions to New York and Connecticut. We impact and change lives via One-On-One Personal Training both in person and online.


Elevate your career or business to new heights.  Having built multiple businesses from the ground up, we offer specific programs designed to address your unique circumstances turning challenges into opportunities.

“Adam is constantly looking for ways to make it make it better. Always fresh with new ways challenge me. He has boundless enthusiasm for his field and to learn everything about it.”

Jeff P.

Start you fitness journey today!

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